Novelino puts his own spin in Sir West’s knocking original. Not gonna lie, I enjoy this much more than the original (not having to hear Jeezy’s awful “die high blood pressure” declaration is a win in my book). Is it just me, or does Novel’s take sound something like a cross between Stevie Wonder and John Legend? So soulful, don’t you agree?


The internets were all abuzz a few months back when word got out that everyone’s favorite Jived duo Clipse hopped on the same track with Mr. Ego himself. The song should have had its own PR team – it was even graced with a not-so-far-fetched rumor that Kanye got greedy and snatched the track for an Air Yeezy’s commercial – with the Virginia duo only feeding into the hype by waiting almost a month to squash the rumor on But now, after months of patiently sitting on our hands, the song has arrived. But does it live up to all the hype?

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You have to hand it to T-Pain for becoming hip-hop’s flagship auto-tune poster child. Using a studio technique that never really had an outright presence in hip-hop and R&B, he’s managed to turn one of the most intellectually noxious vocal filters in existence into a hip-hop staple in less than half a decade. But what no one has realized is that the top hat-adorned crooner, once the laughing stock of the music industry for setting back rap about 15 years, could have just become a footnote in the hip-hop history – if it weren’t for the miming effect that gave him premier ownership over the trend.

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Kanye’s been gushing about the Raphael Saadiq-assisted original from one of my favorite albums of last year, Q-Tip’s The Renaissance. So it only seems right that G.O.O.D. Music fam hop on the remix to this joint and thwack it out. Chunkier rim shots, velvet keyboard melodies… It just feels right.

Q-Tip – We Fight/We Love (Remix) featuring Kanye West and Consequence

This has to be the fifth or so video off Keri’s just released album In a Perfect World…, meaning that she’s only got to film one more video for “Get Your Money Up” to visually cover every good song on the jawn. Got to admit, that Kanye freeze-frame lean is pretty mean.