Chester French – Love the Future (Tracklisting)

April 9, 2009

I know, two Chester French posts in a row, huh? Just got an advance of the new Chester French debut full-length (none of that mixtape ish, this is the real deal, folks). Took it for a spin, it’s pretty wild, all over the place yet strangely focused. “Country Interlude” is breezy, almost like a tropical beach number, while “C’mon (On My Own)” is straight up futuresque ’80s-tinged rock (it’s also packed with musical goodies like sticcato strings!). Anywho, since I’m not about to blast this one out to the internet, you’ll have to just settle on the tracklist for now. Inspect below the cut, and pick this up on April 21. Expect a track-by-track review soon. Nah mean?

1. Introduction

2. C’mon (On My Own)

3. Bebe Buell

4. String Interlude

5. The Jimmy Choos

6. Time to Unwind

7. Fingers

8. Country Interlude

9. Beneath the Veil

10. Neal

11. Not Over You

12. She Loves Everybody

13. Sleep

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